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If your looking for a get rich quick scheme or the ultimate short-cut to the top of the corporate ladder you have come to the wrong place. If you live in the reality that if you change 1% per week you will change 52% in a year, they you are where you may find the tools to completely change your life and the way you do business.

About Prompt Service:

In the early 1990's J. Rudolph Kollar realized that the internet was the future. As the owner software development and computer repair service called Computer Programming Consultants, the web was fascinating to him. For several years dabbling in cutting edge web designed was a key. After building hundreds of sites and pages, in 1997 J. Rudolph Kollar Founded Prompt Computer Services. In 1999 J. Rudolph Kollar received a Bachelors of Marketing from UCF. For several years he designed, constructed and managed various community sites such as Daytona Beach Know It All and Daytona Beach Christmas (Which was featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal). Ever Growing and building. The Company Prompt Service as you know is an ambitious effort to create a foundation for success based on stable business services and practices, with a dynamic infusion of cutting edge technology.

Prompt Service focuses on DIY marketing and coaching to educate it's clients for more adaptation and control, through consistent business cultures that foster loyal employees and customers.

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